This is a great question. Being more effective with your studying is more important than the time you spend. Every CS/CA/CMA students have this question in their mind while they are planning for their Training and Articleship.

Studying is a daunting task for most of us. Some of us study every day, and some of us cram at the last minute. Whichever category we fall into, studying is the only way we can get ahead in life.

Actually, the rules of studying effectively are boundless. But don’t worry because you don’t have to follow all the rules. Follow those rules which are suitable for you. But there are some rules which should be followed to study effectively. Following are these:

1. Create a Study Schedule.

2. Know why you are reading.

3. Know yourself.

4. Summarize in your own word about what you are studying.

5. Don’t cram, understand what you are reading.

6. Think creatively.

7. Study smarter not harder

8. Learn from your mistakes

9. Make your own notes.

10. Revise frequently

11. Sleep well

12. Use your knowledge in your practical life. It is one of a revision kind of a thing.

And here you go you have completed the task very well. The most important thing which I forgot mentioned above is that ONLY HARD PEOPLE ARE BORN FOR HARD WORK.


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