Anyone can study anything by themselves. In no uncertain terms, Law is an apprentice craft and most everything that you'll use on a daily basis as a practising lawyer has very little in common with what you'll "learn" in legal books. 

Good, depending on what you have in mind. If you are planning to be a lawyer, Law study is a precondition. There are good chances for you in academics. Law study is helpful, It will help you in every corner of life.

Today legal education is very interactive, i.e., students are required to intern with lawyers from year 1 onwards.  The internship experience allows students to understand how different lawyers work; it gives students a perspective on how an individual lawyer would look at a brief in comparison to a law firm with wide resources would look at it.

"Motivation has two aspects to it" push and pull. Push yourself away from negativity and pull yourself towards positivity. 

  1. Love what you study
    Even if you have chosen to study what you love there are times when you feel like it's pointless or boring or tough. That's a rationalization. Don't make excuses. If it's tough, study longer until it becomes easy. If it's useless, find a use for it.
  2. Make it personal
    How do you love something that you find boring? You make it personal by attaching a reason as to why YOU should possess that knowledge. It could be something like - " I NEED to know about Intellectual Property Law so that I can help my brother secure his IP in his startup."
  3. Scare yourself
    During exams or other situations when you are really falling behind in preparation and both the above steps are not working for you, then you may indulge in little scare tactics - "If I don't study this today, I MAY NOT get a job tomorrow". Remember, this is only a last-ditch measure.

So, if you study law, it will not only help you to earn your bread, but it will also make you a smarter and conscious citizen. So, I think this article will help you and you will never ask again "How to Study"? 


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