The majority of the students are requesting what are the other best courses that should be possible alongside Company Secretary(CS). There is a great deal of courses, for example, LLB, CA, CMA and numerous more. But it is hard to do these Longterm courses with CS. Today I will reveal to you Short Term courses which should be possible alongside Company Secretary (CS) course very easily. There are lots of 6 Months Courses,1 Year courses which effectively should be possible alongside CS without no Pressure and Tension.

Indeed, even CS is an independent best Course itself. For the motivation behind improving the CS carrier getting the more extensive learning about different corporate-related things, One can do different certification courses accessible, which is helpful for sparkling and upgrading the carrier objective.

I will let you know the truly learned and best for the CS carrier transient course with the exception of CA, CMA and LLB which is most talked courses nowadays.

Below I have recorded Top 10 a half year and a year course which can undoubtedly one can do with the Company Secretary course.

1. Certificate course in Finance

2. Certificate course in Banking.

3. Certificate courses in Share Market.0

4. Short Term courses in Insurance.

5. Diploma in the Money Market.

6. Certificate Course in Corporate Social Responsibility.

7. Certificate course in Investment Management.

8. Certificate in Business Skills.

9. Certificate in Co-operation, Co-operative Law & Business Laws (CCLBL).

10. Certificate Course in Corporate Social Responsibility.

That’s all friends. Above listed courses are very valuable for Company Secretary career, while pursuing CS Carrier, There are no Sufficient time to go for CA CMA or LLB courses so think about very Short Term Courses and Valuable too.




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