A Company being a creation of law is required to comply with the provisions of the Companies Act, 2013, which prescribes certain specific activities to be performed immediately after incorporation of the Company. These activities are warranted because of specific provisions under the Companies Act, 2013.

After incorporation of company necessary compliances like auditor appointment, stamp duty payment on the share certificate etc. This article points out 10 Post Incorporation Compliance which should be the priority for the company.


1. The holding of First Board Meeting:


2.Opening of Bank Account for the Company:


3. Appointment of Auditor within 30 Days of Incorporation:


4. Developing of Accounting System for the Company:


5. Provisioning of Maintenance of Statutory Registers:


6. Disclosure of Interest by Directors:


7. Demand and Collection of Paid-up Capital from the Shareholder:


8. The issue of Share Certificate within 60 Days:


9. Payment of Stamp Duty on Issuance of Share Certificate:


10. Protect Intellectual Property Rights like Trademark, Copyright, Patent and Design:


Also, there are many more regulatory compliance requirements a company has to follow under Companies Act and other various laws as may be applicable to the nature of the business of Company.

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