The Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI) In the event of Practicing Company Secretaries at Bangalore has introduced the concept of UDIN to secure Certificates/ Documents attested/certified by practising Company Secretaries.


UDIN is system generated a random alphanumeric number, which defines the authenticity of documents issued by Company Secretary in Practice. 


1. Registration of Member

For a generation of UDIN go to the and click on on “Member Registration” and create Login Identification and Password via entering Membership Number, Certificate of Practice Number.

The login credentials will be sent to members on his registered e-mail and mobile No.

The login Credential might be confirmed via a Computer Utility.

There is no need to add any document.

2. The process to generate UDIN

Login with a valid credential

Fill details like Name of Company/Firm/ Individual, CIN No. etc.

Select document type

Fill date of signing and click on “Generate UDIN”

 Note: UDIN is mandatory for files/certificates to be issued after 1st October 2019 but, Practising Company Secretaries may generate on a voluntary basis in present additionally.

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