E-learning module for CS Foundation students enables them to learn anytime and anywhere through desktop, laptop, tablets, and on mobile. The physical course material has always been there but now with e-Books, voice-based ebook and interactive video lectures for all chapters for all subjects will enhance the learning experience of CS foundation students. Features include an ability to create online notes, bookmarking, glossary, bare acts and self-assessment capabilities with answers and explanations. See Letter from ICSI.
The Institute has enabled e-learning module for all students of Foundation Programme Stage. As per the decision of the Council, the services shall be mandatorily provided to the students at a cost of Rs.600/- (Rupees Six Hundred only) for the entire duration of registration of the student. For students registered on or after 11th July 2018 shall be charged Rs.4500 + Rs.600 during the registration process. For all students, who have registered between 1st April 2018 and 10th July 2018, a link will be opened soon such that these students can remit Rs.600/-. The following services shall henceforth be provided to all students of Foundation Programme in the e-learning Module- Access: Anytime Anywhere Access through Desktops/Laptops/Tablets and on Mobile sets through dedicated App Learning: It has been provisioned to deliver course materials (e-content) in the form of Video (animated or recorded)/E-books/Audio Books. The key features under each form of e-content include:
  1. E-books: • All Keywords of E-Books are Hyperlinked for better understanding. • Learners can create their own On-line notes for future reference • Features like Bookmark, Summary, Bare Acts and Glossary of items are available. • Assessments in the form of MCQs with complete answers and explanations available
  2. Voice based • e-book (Audio Book) Complete end to end voice-based content are available which can be listened once played.
  3. Video Lectures • Interactive video delivery of all chapters for all subjects. • Equipped with animation and Self-assessment capabilities
Source: ICSI

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