Dear Student As you are aware that the Institute is organising various activities during  the Student month. With the objective to encourage the competitive spirit amongst the students and to update their academic knowledge, a Power Point Presentation Competition is being organised during the Student month on 10th of July 2018 The topic of the Power Point Presentation shall be "Innovative ideas and skills on Secretarial  Works". The following points may be taken into consideration while making the presentation on the above mentioned topic.
  1. Usage of Technology
  2. Presentation
  3. Follow Up
  4. Record keeping
  5. Retrieval of data
  6. Linking the data from outside agencies
  7. Analysis of such data
  8. Preparation of MIS
  9. Coordination among Internal Departments
  10. Coordination with Outside agencies
  11. Preparation of compliance Calendars
Elaboration is also given below for the better understanding of the Students 1. Usage of Technology - For all purposes of secretarial work, this is most important.  Conducting of Board meetings - supply all the directors and invitees to Board meeting with Ipads etc with an app facility to look into the documents of notice, agenda and all annexures with proper hyperlinking.  Just by press of that link, the directors can navigate to concerned document with an option to come back to the main document. 2. Presentation - Mere supply of bundle of documents is not a favourable thing now a days.  The company secretary has to present the flow of events in the Board meeting or General meeting.  Again usage of normal PPT will not make sense.  It should be more informative and in presentable mode. 3. Follow Up - There is lot of requirement to follow up with various personnel. What kind of modes and methods to be adopted in this regard.  Like sending auto sms on timely manner to directors or other stakeholders linking with calendar . 4. Record keeping - There is a huge amount of data to be stored.  What modes can be adopted for effective and efficient record keeping?  5. Retrieval of data - There can be different requirements to retrieve data.  How to get the same and how best it is to get at any point of time.  Necessary safeguarding measures etc On the basis of above mentioned suggestions, Students can prepare the presentations. You are required to send us your presentations on 10th July 2018 at Guidelines for sending the presentations shall be.
  1. PPT should be of 2 mb
  2. File name of the ppt should be clearly mentioned
  3. Only one presentation can be sent by one Student
  4. It is mandatory to send your Name, Registration number while sending the presentation else the same will be summarily rejected.
  5. The content should be original or else references are to be given
  Evaluation of the presentations will be done keeping in view the following parameters. 1. Content 2. Presentation 3. Use of contemporary tools in making PPTs The best three Presentation Winners will get lucrative prizes from  the Institute. We request all the students of the Institute to avail this unique opportunity and participate in this event  in large numbers by submitting the presentations through email mentioned above. Team ICSI Source: ICSI

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