Dear Student We are happy to note that Students are participating in various activities being organised during the Student Month with full enthusiasm and zest. Keeping in view the zeal and interest of the students, Institute is organising one more Competition amongst the Students. It has been decided to conduct a Video Byte Competition for the students on 20th July 2018(Friday) wherein Students are required to send their video bytes on the following topic:
  1. Various facets of CS Course.
The above mentioned topic is an open ended topic and Students can speak about various facets of Course. They may also prepare the video in role-playing format involving two to three students. The guidelines of the Competition will be:
  1. Students are required to speak and prepare video byte for 1 minute on the above-mentioned topic or else they can prepare a video in Role-Playing format involving two to three Students for 1 minute only.
  2. The videoscan be prepared either through your mobile or any other mode.
  3. The videosarethereafter to be uploaded at Youtube.
  4. Clearly mention your name and topic in the caption while uploadingthevideosontheYoutube.
  5. Once the video is uploaded on Youtube, Kindly share the link at
  6. It is mandatory to send your Name, Registration number while sending the link at the abovementioned email IDelse the video byte will be summarily rejected.
  7. Only one video byte can be sent by one Student
Evaluation of the video bytes will be done keeping in view the following parameters.
  1. Content
  2. Effective Speaking skills
  3. Clarity of the audio
The best three videos byte Winners will get lucrative prizes from the Institute. We request all the students of the institute to avail of this unique opportunity and participate in this Event by submitting the video links by 20th July 2018 (Friday) at the email mentioned above. It may be noted that no entry shall be accepted after 20th July 2018. Team ICSI

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